Administration of Estates

Administration of English Estates and Grants of Probate (uncontested)


English grants of probate or letters of administration are part of our services.  One of these is required prior to the administration of an estate.

We carry out the following:-

  • Taking instructions and due diligence on the executors and the deceased.  Correspondence with the client
  • Obtaining information on the value of the estate and next of kin
  • Review of the will or grant from other jurisdictions.
  • Drafting IHT forms (IHT205 or IHT400) and PA1
  • Swearing oaths
  • Submissions to the Probate Registry
  • Accounting to the client with the relevant grant.


  • Copy death certificates
  • Copy grants - 50 pence for each copy grant obtained with the initial application for probate
  • Court fee on application – £215.  Please note these changes may increase from April 2019.
  • Isle of Man Newspapers advertising fees are approximately £202 plus VAT.  VAT is charged at 20%.

The administration of estates and obtaining a Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration will be carried out by a Solicitor of at least 4 years’ post qualification experience who may be assisted by a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive.

A standard fee from £1,000 excluding VAT is charged for obtaining an English grant on the assumption that the executor will be completing a simple Inheritance Tax form (eg IHT 205) and that the estate is exempt from IHT.  More complex grants can be applied for but work will be charged on a time spent basis.  We refer you to our time charge–out rates and terms of business information.

Obtaining a grant takes between 8 - 12 weeks in standard situations.

The administration of English Estates is an activity requiring transparency information.  Estate administration includes providing the following services (inter alia) to our clients:-

  • Contact banks and government organisations
  • Notices in newspaper publications
  • Accounting records
  • Post re-direction or collection
  • Collecting in assets by sale (e.g. properties and contents)
  • Payment of liabilities of the deceased
  • Distribution in accordance with the grant.


Estate administration will be carried out by a qualified Solicitor with at least 4 years’ post qualification experience and our work is charged on a time spent basis.

We refer you to our time charge-out rates information and terms of business.

Estate administration takes at minimum two months and many last up to six months but as each scenario is different it may take more or less time depending on the requirements.

Our complaints procedure is set out in our terms of business.