Trusts, Fiduciary & Administration Services

The Isle of Man is a well established location for trusts, offering the advantages of high standards of professional and financial services, together with well established trust laws.

Stuart Smalley & Co LLC specialises in trust law and the establishment of Isle of Man trusts. We advise trustees and beneficiaries on a range of complex issues including divorce with a class of beneficiaries, trustee removal and appointment, dealing with expectations of beneficiaries.

Our highly experienced team specialise in “trusts in crisis” and have more than thirty years experience of resolving trust issues and litigating trusts.

We also set up and establish trusts for clients and provide a full range of trustee and administrative services via our wholly owned fiduciary service provider, Douglas Trustees Limited.

Douglas Trustees Limited provides a full range of trust formation and administrative services including:

  • Provision of Trustee(s), Enforcer, Protector (as appropriate).
  • Maintaining the Trustee(s) Minute Books.
  • Attending meetings, taking, drafting, preparing and circulating minutes of meetings of the Trustee(s).
  • The filing of such documents as may be required under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Such other services as may be agreed in writing between the parties.

For more information please see our Trust and Corporate Services brochure.