Media & Entertainment

The film, television and music industries face ever increasing challenges to protect both intellectual property rights and commercial exploitation as a result of new technologies and the growth of the internet which transcends national boundaries.

As consumers’ expectations continue to grow, companies involved in these sectors need to evolve at a rapid speed to keep up consumer demands and a demand on services.

Stuart Smalley & Co LLC has a Media & Entertainment team advising on the protection of rights in relation to the film, television and music industries.

Our services include, but are not limited to advice relating to:

  • film and television production for commercial broadcast and secondary screening on DVD;
  • all aspects of post production, producer and co-producer rights;
  • soundtrack agreements and associated producer rights;
  • multi-jurisdictional exploitation of film and television productions;
  • distribution and licensing agreements;
  • copyright ownership disputes relating to film, television and music productions;
  • recording contracts, performers rights and royalties;
  • infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • breach of contract.

Our Media & Entertainment solicitors have also acted for clients in relation to a number of matters involving UK national newspapers relating to defamation of character and privacy.

We also act for clients regarding disputes involving infringement of copyright content relating to film and television programmes through internet video sharing websites.