Stuart Smalley & Co LLC has a team of solicitors with the skill and expertise to provide timely legal advice in dealing with the complexities of insolvency or administering a voluntary liquidation.

Sustained periods of financial difficulty are not uncommon and many businesses suffer as a result of obtaining legal advice too late.

When a company is in severe financial difficulties, its member may choose to wind up the company rather than wait for a creditor to petition the court for a compulsory winding up order.

Our insolvency team regularly works with businesses experiencing financial difficulties and our clients take comfort in the fact our team of solicitors have hands on experience of restructuring companies to withstand periods of financial pressure or to assist in the effective winding up of a company.

We typically provide advice to creditors, liquidators, shareholders, banks, accountants, professional trustees and company directors regarding all aspects of insolvency.

Our services include advice and assistance on the following areas:

  • refinancing;
  • re-structuring / re-organisation;
  • directors duties;
  • commencement of winding up proceedings;
  • dissolution;
  • statutory issues and regulatory compliance;
  • appointment, duties and powers of liquidators;
  • rights of members;
  • rights of creditors;
  • completion of winding up;
  • litigation in relation to insolvency disputes.

Our insolvency team would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.