Company Formation and Administration

Stuart Smalley & Co LLC has a wholly owned fiduciary service provider, Douglas Trustees Limited.

Douglas Trustees Limited provides a full range of corporate formation and administrative services including:

  • Provision of officers to comply with the law of relevant jurisdictions;
  • Provision of registered office of the Company;
  • Maintaining the statutory records of the Company in accordance with the law of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • Keeping the Company’s minute books;
  • The filing of statutory returns by the Company and documents required under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction as the case may require;
  • Where applicable, retention of the common seal of the Company in accordance with the Constitution of the company;
  • Company agents.

No consent is required for the incorporation of an Isle of Man company and companies are typically available “off the shelf”.

The corporate entities available in the Isle of Man are:

  • a company limited by shares, which may be either a public or private company;
  • a company limited by guarantee (with or without share capital);
  • Limited Liability Companies (based on the Delaware model);
  • An unlimited company;
  • Protected Cell companies;
  • the New Manx Vehicle, created by the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006;
  • partnerships, both limited and unlimited; and
  • branches.

For more information please see our Trust and Corporate Services brochure.