The electronic business (“E-Business”) sector in the Isle of Man has rapidly grown over the last decade. As a result, the Isle of Man now has an outstanding telecoms sector providing support to the number of growing e-business companies setting up operations on the Island. E-Business services on the Isle of Man range from telecommunications companies, e-gaming businesses, software houses and development and programming companies.

As a result of this rapidly developing area, it is crucial for individuals and companies to have bespoke and timely legal advice.

Stuart Smalley & Co LLC has a team of solicitors who are able to advise on all aspects of E-Business in the Isle of Man. Our team has a close working relationship with the Isle of Man Government and is involved in the promotion of this industry.

Our bespoke E Business services are tailored to individual client’s requirements and typically include advice on the following areas:

  • Isle of Man E-gaming legislation;
  • Regulatory requirements;
  • E-gaming applications;
  • Efficient tax planning;
  • contract negotiations and licences;
  • drafting software agreements;
  • licensing agreements for software rights;
  • Registration and protection of all aspects of Intellectual Property (including copyright and domain names);
  • Disputes in relation to infringement of Intellectual Property rights.

Our team of solicitors will be happy to discuss your requirements.